Social Distancing while using City Bicycle and Pedestrian Pathways: Shared-Use Paths Remain Open

Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

The City of Madison shared-use paths remain open. The City’s bicycle and pedestrian paths play a crucial role in a number of essential activities including travel to/from work and providing community members opportunities to maintain mental and physical well being. We encourage users to participate responsibly.

To maintain compliance with the Emergency SAFER AT HOME Order by Governor Tony Evers (pdf), and heeding guidance from Public Health Madison & Dane County,

Please help keep our community healthy and safe by following these tips when using Madison’s shared-use paths:

  • Do not go out if you or someone in your household feels sick.
  • If you can, choose less frequented paths or go at less popular times.
  • Always keep 6 feet away from people you do not live with including when passing people.
  • If you use earbuds to listen to a portable device, keep the volume low enough to hear what is happening around you.

Tips for Walking /Running

  • When in busy areas, walk single file lines or with just one child when out with household members.
  • Avoid stopping on the path as it makes it hard for other users to pass safely, step off to an area off the path.
  • When walking with your dog, please keep it under control and away from other users.

Tips for Bicycling/Rolling

  • Ride cautiously and within your ability level.
  • Do not forget to let others know you are passing.
  • Only pass when you can maintain 6 feet of distance from other users.
  • Do not pass in between people walking in opposite directions.
  • No group riding or rolling with people outside your household.
  • When active with household members, keep your group small.

To view additional information about Madison area bicycle paths currently available and in development, visit