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Swim Lessons Level descriptions

Class Pre-req Description
6 mo- 5 yrs
One participating adult per child required. The parent/child swim class is designed to introduce both the parent and the child to swimming and water safety skills in a safe and supportive environment. Instruction is given on elementary water skills through songs, games and other activities.
Age 3-5 yr
Children must be ready to participate in a group setting on their own.
This class is for younger swimmers who are ready to begin participating in a class without a parent. Students will learn water exploration, basic swimming skills with support, and water safety. Repetition of this class is encouraged until the swimmer is old enough for the Level 1 class.
Level 1
Introduction to Water Skills
Must be 5 years or older.
No exceptions.
Children must be ready to participate on their own.
Level 1 is designed to teach students to be comfortable in the water and to introduce them to the first swimming skills while being supported. Students will practice arm and leg swimming actions, submerging parts of their face, exhaling underwater, floating and water safety skills.
Level 2
Fundamental Aquatic Skills

Passed Level 1
Age 6-12 yrs

Students in Level 2 will continue to practice skills learned in Level 1 until they can be performed without the support of the pool bottom or from floating aids. Separate arm and leg action will be combined with floating and gliding to achieve swimming using a combined stroke on their front as well as back.
Level 3
Stroke Development

Passed Level 2
Age 6-12 yrs

This class builds on fundamental skills and provides additional guided practice to improve floating, breath control, and front and back crawl. Diving, dolphin kick and elementary backstroke will be introduced.
Level 4
Stroke Improvement
Passed Level 3
6-12+ years
MUST be comfortable in deep water.

Level 4 is designed to help swimmers build on the swim strokes learned in Level 3 with emphasis on front and back crawl endurance and beginning coordination of butterfly and breast stroke. Students will also work on their comfort in deeper water.
Level 5
Stroke Refinement

Passed Level 4
Age 6-12+ yrs

Students in Level 5 will work on further stroke coordination, refinement and endurance in fronta dn back crawl, elementary back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly and sidestroke. Swimming for fitness skills will also be introduced.
Junior Lifeguard
Must be at least 12 years of age and have passed the Goodman Pool Level 5 class. This class is designed to help swimmers build the foundation of knowledge and skills needed become future beach or pool lifeguards. Instruction in the topics of water safety, swimming endurance, first aid, Lifeguard responsibilities and basic Lifeguard techniques will be included in this class. Completion of the course will leave participants better prepared to register for the American Red Cross Lifeguarding program at age 15 or older.
Adult Beg 1
Intro to Water Skills
Age 13+ Adult beginner 1 is designed for adults who have never had any type of swim instruction previous. This class will focus on water comfort including; entering and exiting, moving through the water, floating, submerging, exhaling underwater and practicing the arm and leg actions of swimming. Many skills will be done with the support of the wall, floating assists or the instructor.
Adult Beg 2
Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Age 13+
Comfortable in water and able to float unassisted.
Adult beginner 2 is designed for adults who have successfully completed Adult beginner 1 or who have had some swim instruction in the past. This class will focus on beginning to learn coordination for swimming basic strokes, practice swimming and treading in deeper water, and swimming endurance. This class is not intended as a stroke critique clinic for more advanced swimmers.

Questions about Goodman Pool Swimming Lessons, call (pre-season) 266-4711 or (in-season) 264-9292 or email,

Youth Swimming Programs/Classes
Parent/Child Classes $45
Pre-School Classes $45
Levels 1-5 $45
Junior Lifeguard Academy $50
Goodman Pool Waves Swim Team $180
Adult Swimming Programs/Classes
Adult Beginner I and II Swim Lessons $50
Masters Swim Program $65/season

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