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Goodman Pool

Goodman Pool Scholarships

Goodman Pool offers everyone a place to enjoy Madison in the summertime, a place where everyone can have a chance to learn and play regardless of financial circumstances. The Madison Parks Foundation is proud to offer scholarships for families in need. To be considered for financial aid for youth swimming lessons, swim team, or admissions, the applicant must fill out the Scholarship Application, complete the Season Pass & Lesson Registration Form, and mail the registration form along with supporting documentation.

Priority funding will only be given to swimming lesson requests only.

1. Fill out the Scholarship Application.
2. Fill out the Season Pass & Lesson Registration Form.
3. Provide documentation of eligibility for MMSD free/reduced-price school meals.
4. Mail or email the completed registration form and supporting documentation to:
Madison Parks, Attn: Scholarship Administrator, 210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Suite 104, Madison, WI 53703,

We are no longer accepting scholarship applications for Goodman Pool Season Passes for the 2015 season. We will continue to accept applications for Swimming Lesson enrollments.

Scholarship Guidelines

1. Scholarship money is available to families with youth 18 years and younger who qualify for free or reduced lunch per the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) Guidelines.  Applicant must present qualification letter from the Madison School District along with the scholarship application.
  If applicant does not qualify for free or reduced lunches per the MMSD, applicant must include a letter stating:   name, address, scholarship request, and why the scholarship is requested.  Additional supporting documentation may be required upon review.
2. Scholarship recipients must be residents of:  City of Madison, town of Madison, or actively enrolled in the Madison Metropolitan School District.
3. Madison Parks reserves the right to verify all information contained on the application form, in order to grant, deny, or revoke any scholarship monies.
4. Only the Madison Parks scholarship administrator will review the application form, in order to maintain strict confidentiality.
5. Applicants will be notified what they will receive with their scholarship.
6. Scholarships may be awarded based on the following maximums:

a. Lessons – up to two (2) sessions per child.

b. Daily swim passes – up to three (3) daily passes per family member.

c. Additional lessons or daily passes may be requested and will be considered only if scholarship funds are still available. 

7. Funding for the Madison Parks – Goodman Pool Scholarship Assistance Fund comes from the Madison Parks Foundation.  Scholarship funding provided by the Shelley Glover Foundation.