2018 Prescribed Burns

Last Updated: 11/08/2019

A prescription burn at Prairie Ridge in 2017.

This spring the City of Madison Parks and Engineering Divisions conducted prescribed burns to promote establishment of native vegetation. Prescribed burns are the intentional use of fire, under specific environmental conditions, to manage and suppress invasive vegetation. Many of Wisconsin’s native species have adapted to survive or to benefit from fire events, while at the same time the presence of invasive or undesirable species is reduced. Prescribed burns are an important management tool for natural areas, especially for several of Wisconsin’s native plant communities.

Prescribed burns occur after comprehensive planning and under specific weather conditions which are conducive to a safe and manageable operation. Burns occurred in the spring and may also be conducted in the fall of 2018, depending on conditions, analysis of existing vegetation, and management goals and are permitted by the Fire Department.

Conservation Park sites, please contact Paul Quinlan at (608) 267-4918.

  • Cherokee Marsh
  • Edna Taylor Conservation Park
  • Heritage Prairie
  • Heritage Sanctuary
  • Knollwood Conservation Park
  • Meadow Ridge Conservation Park
  • Owen Conservation Park
  • Prairie Ridge Conservation Park
  • Stricker's Pond
  • Turville Point Conservation Park

Parks sites, please contact Sarah Lerner at (608) 261-4281.

  • Brittingham Park
  • Central Park
  • Cypress Splash Park
  • Giddings Park
  • Goodman Park
  • Merrill Springs Park
  • Olin Park
  • Reindahl (Amund) Park
  • Tenney Park
  • Warner Park
  • Yahara River Parkway

Engineering Sites, please contact Carissa Wegner at (608) 261-9822.

  • Barton Road Median (Barton Rd at Rae Ln)
  • Capital City Trail Commuter Path (Walter St at Sargent St)
  • Door Creek Ponds
  • Emil Street Rain Garden
  • Furey St at Jacobson Ave
  • Hillcrest Greenway
  • Merry St Cul de Sac Railroad
  • Starkweather Creek, West Branch
  • South High Point between Raymond Road and Snow Mist
  • Verona Road at Atticus Way
  • Wingra Creek Parkway
  • Warner Park Castle Creek