Annie C. Stewart Fountain - Conservation/Preservation Plan

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    • Erin Street, Vilas Park
      Madison, WI 53715
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    District 13

43.059876, -89.404033

Project Information

Annie Stewart fountain in 2016
Annie C Stewart fountain in 2016

The Annie C. Stewart fountain is an historic fountain located in Vilas Park near the Erin Street area of the park.  Originally installed in 1925, articles and reports from that era indicate that the fountain remained functional for just a few years after its installation and is known to have received, at various times and to its detriment, cleanings and repair work which have further degraded its appearance and condition.The City of Madison Parks Division has committed resources to identify the best course of action for the fountain moving forward - beginning with a conservation/preservation plan, commissioned by Parks in 2017 and completed by InSite Consulting Architects.  The full report is available at the link, below.  Parks has also included funding for some of the restorative and investigatory steps recommended in the report (such as 3D scanning of the pedestal) as part of its capital budget.  Parks anticipates issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) through City of Madison Finance/Purchasing for that work in late 2021.


Concurrent to the Annie C. Stewart project, the City of Madison Parks Division is working with MSA Professional Services, Inc. to develop a master plan for Vilas Park.  While the master plan will contemplate larger-scale design opportunities at the park - including the area of the park with proximity to the fountain, the master plan will not make recommendations for or develop designs specific to the treatment of the fountain itself.

Tuesday, October 27, 2021 at 7:00PM
This meeting will occur digitally via Zoom. 

At a Public Information Meeting on October 27, Karin Wolf and other experts will present information on the Annie Stewart Fountain, including its current condition and near-term plans for its care.

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