Door Creek Park Tennis Courts Phase II - Contract: 2019 Door Creek Park Tennis Courts Phase II

Last Updated: 06/17/2019

Completion of the Door Creek Tennis Complex is complete - please note that the courts are reserved by MSCR 6/17 - 6/ from 9:30am-3pm

Door Creek south courts 6.17.2019
Door Creek Park tennis courts on 6.17.2019

The Phase II project at the Door Creek Tennis Courts included the completion of the tennis complex at Door Creek - which will add four (4) tennis courts to the south of the existing four (4) courts at the north; add an accessible path to the courts from the southern end of the west parking lot (complete as of 5/29/2019); add 12' height chain link fence surround with gate openings (complete as of 5/23/2019); add net posts (complete as of 5/23/2019) and finally color surfacing and striping to create an eight (8) court complex at Door Creek Park (this item is still "in progress" as color coat work requires a mean daily and overnight temperature of 50 degrees (F) as well as dry court surfaces).  Nevertheless, work is anticipated to be complete in mid-June 2019!

This project was bid in February 2019 and has been awarded to Fahrner Asphalt Sealers LLC, who submitted the lowest of two bids received at $85,230.00. Construction is anticipated to be completed on or before 6/14/2019.  Please check back to this site for project updates.

Please contact Project Manager Kate Kane at or (608) 261-9671 with any questions regarding the project.

Door Creek Phase II project area