Reindahl Park Barn Preservation

Last Updated: 10/11/2019

In 2020 City of Madison Parks Division will be undertaking a series of projects to preserve the barn structure at Reindahl Park.

These efforts are aimed at preserving the structure in it's current state.  Currently the barn is showing deficiencies in the internal and external concrete masonry and roof.  These deficiencies are contributing to the degradation of the structure.  It is the intent of Parks to preserve this structure in it's current state and these repairs are required to achieve that goal. 

in 2016 the City hired Structural Engineering consultant Strand and Associates Inc to conduct a structural analysis of the barn and recommend maintenance and repairs.   Strand recommended a series of repairs and those recommendations are being implemented with the current projects.

The work will consist of the following:

  •  Removal and replacement of the first floor concrete slab
  • Removal and replacement of the 1st floor elevated concrete floor
  • Replacement of the asphalt shingle roof
  • External masonry repairs

Residents may notice crews working on the barn structure throughout 2020.  It will likely take multiple crews and contractors to perform all of the required work.

If there are any questions or comments on the proposed work please contact Corey Stelljes at

Barn Building