Tenney Park Lagoon Shoreline Native Vegetation Installation and Maintenance

Last Updated: 09/26/2016

In 2015, the City of Madison Parks and Engineering Division spearheaded improvements to Tenney Park including reconstruction of the East Johnson bike path, removals of invasive species and ash trees, and stabilization of the Tenney Park lagoon shoreline.  The bike path construction and the grading associated with shoreline restoration was completed in 2015.

In 2016, the Madison Parks continued these efforts with installation of over 800 native shrubs, 30,000 shoreline and prairie plants, over 200 trees and continued invasive removals.

Invasive removals and maintenance activities necessary to establish this native restoration will continue under this contract through 2017.  These maintenance activities will include watering, mowing, and periodic removal and treatment of invasive species such as buckthorn, European alder, and honeysuckle.
Tenney Park is a City of Madison Landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places, which required plans to be approved by the City of Madison Landmarks Commission and Wisconsin State Historical Society.  Shrub and tree installations are in accordance with the historic plans of O.C. Simonds and John Nolen.

Bids have been received and awarded for this contract.

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Photo of restoration planting on 9-14-2016.
Photo of restoration plantings on 9/14/2016.