Wingra Park Entrance Improvements and Stormwater Treatment

Last Updated: 01/20/2021

As part of the Monroe Street Reconstruction, the entrance to Wingra Park will be improved. This will include improving the pedestrian & bike access to the park with a new textured & colored concrete walkway. A pollinator friend garden will also be installed at the park entrance, adjacent to the path along with new seat walls. New landscaping will be installed at the entrance, and the work will also include some public art. Glass mosaic panels will be installed on a retaining wall on the back side of the garden and a sculpture called the “Anchorlily” will be installed on a pillar within the garden.

Also as part of the Monroe St. reconstruction project, a stormwater treatment structure is proposed to be installed near the intersection of the path through Wingra Park and the end of Arbor Dr. The structure will be underground and is intended to help remove sediment and phosphorus from the stormwater before it enters Lake Wingra. Replacement of some of the storm sewer pipes that are currently under Wingra Park will be necessary in order for the treatment structure to function properly. After installation, the park will be restored with new turf, and only the access covers of the structure will be visible at the surface. An additional rain garden will be installed in the area around the new structure.

As this work is included with the contract for the Monroe St. reconstruction, the actual schedule of when this work will take place is unknown, but it will likely be completed in mid to late summer 2018.


Wingra Park entrance
wingra entrance 2