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The Madison Parks Habitat Stewardship Committee is pleased to announce the First Annual Heritage Tree Award Winners. The Heritage Tree Program fosters an appreciation of city park and street trees, and inspires an awareness that heritage trees are a living and distinct resource for the Madison community.

City trees could nominated as an individual or a collection, but must meet criteria for health (Heritage Tree Evaluation Form) in addition to being selected according to one of the following categories

  • Collection: Trees in a notable grove, avenue, or other planting.
  • Historic: A tree recognized by virtue of its age, its association with or contribution to a historic structure or district, or its association with a noted person or historic event (local, state or national).
  • Landmark: Trees that are landmarks of a community.
  • Specimen: A tree of exceptional size, form, or rarity

And the 2014 Heritage Tree winner is. . .

HISTORIC - The City of Madison Forestry Section is pleased to announce the 2014 Madison Parks Division Heritage Tree Award winner. The Heritage Tree Award is part of Madison’s Arbor Week celebration and was established to foster appreciation and inspire awareness about the contribution of city owned street trees and park trees to Madison’s history and heritage.

This year’s winner is a beautiful Bur Oak located on the terrace at 40 N Roby Rd. The tree resides in front of a home built in 1922 by a prominent Madison citizen, Dr. Raymond W. Huegel. It is 47 inches in diameter at breast height and 67 feet tall. Nominator Matt K. estimates it to be about 300 years old. Namesake of Huegel Park and Huegel Elementary School, Huegel worked as a dentist in Madison, officiated Big Ten football games, and was a member of the Madison Board of Education for 34 years. Huegel, with the help of another Board member, Glenn Stephens, formed Madison’s first Recreation Department.

Trees like this Bur Oak have stood watch over lives and events that represent the fabric of our city. Madison is fortunate to have a rich and colorful historic heritage. By viewing the pats through the unique perspective of trees, we hope this heritage will endure for future generations. The program is a way for citizens to officially recognize special and significant city owned trees in the community. Citizens may nominate city owned terrace or park trees. The Heritage Tree Committee, a group of certified arborists, review each nomination. Approved nominations are presented to the Madison Tree Subcommittee for formal designation as a Heritage Tree.

image: Huegel house 1922     image: tree

1922                                                   2013

Madison Park Forestry and the Heritage Tree Committee would like to thank the nominators for participating in the program. With your help, we can promote conservation and stewardship of our natural resources for generations to come.

If you would like to nominate a city owned park or street tree for the 2014 Heritage Tree Award, you can find nomination forms, criteria and more information at the City of Madison Forestry’s website.

Nominations for the 2015 Heritage Tree Award are due August 1, 2014.