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Some trees have stood watch over lives and events that represent the fabric of our city. Madison is fortunate to have a rich and colorful historic heritage. By viewing the past through the unique perspective of trees, we hope this heritage will endure for future generations.

The Madison Parks Forestry section established the Heritage Tree Program to foster appreciation and inspire awareness of the contribution of city owned street trees and park trees to the City’s history and heritage. The program is a way for citizens to officially recognize special and significant city owned trees in the community.

The goals of the Heritage Tree Program are:

  • to recognize and designate individual city owned trees or groves of significance
  • to educate and inform the public about the value and history of city owned trees
  • to promote appreciation of the city owned trees
  • to maintain and protect these trees as part of Madison's history & heritage

Nominations for the 2015 Heritage Tree Award are due September 15, 2015.


1. Fill out the Nomination form (PDF)

2. Completed forms may be sent by email or mailed to:

Madison Parks Forestry - Heritage Tree Program
1402 Wingra Creek Pkwy
Madison, WI  53715

3. The Heritage Tree Committee will meet to review each nomination.

4. Each candidate tree or grove is assessed and evaluated by a review committee.

5. Approved nominations are presented to Madison Tree Subcommittee for formal designation as a Heritage Tree. 

Each year up to 5 nominations will be selected to become Heritage Trees. These trees will be displayed on the Madison Parks Forestry website. Nominated trees that were not selected can be re-nominated by their nominator the following year for further consideration.

The nominations are an ongoing process with the deadline each year of September 15.

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additional information
  • A city-owned tree is a tree planted along a street, between the sidewalk and the street, or in a boulevard, or in a park.
  • Below are links on how to identify tree species.

  • For questions please call (608) 266-4816.