The City Of Madison's Neighborhood Plans

The City of Madison has a time-honored tradition of neighborhood-based planning. There are more
than 120 neighborhood associations in the City. These neighborhood associations are 
instrumental in working with the City's Department of Planning and Development to prepare
neighborhood plans for specific areas of the community. Currently, there are over 25 adopted 
neighborhood plans in the City, with several more in progress. There are three basic types of 
neighborhood plans:

Neighborhood Development Plans 
Neighborhood Development Plans are prepared with the purpose of guiding the growth and
development of largely undeveloped lands at the City's urban edge. These plans are intended to
provide a framework for the growth and development of the City's peripheral urban expansion areas
where development is expected to occur in the foreseeable future.

Existing Neighborhood Plans
These plans are prepared by the residents of built-up areas of the City and include short-term
strategies (5 - 10 years) to address specific challenges, issues and opportunities in Madison's older
neighborhoods. These plans serve as a guide for actions and changes that will strengthen Madison's
established neighborhoods

Neighborhood Initiated Plans
These plans provide a comprehensive planning framework for the physical redevelopment of the subject
neighborhoods. Neighborhood Initiated Plans often include both short-term and long-term
recommendations for physical improvements in the neighborhoods