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Police Incident Reports A Selection of Noteworthy Incident Reports

Incidents listed are selected by the Officer In Charge of each shift that may have significant public interest. Incidents listed are not inclusive of all incidents. To view Calls for Services information, please visit Requests for information can be directed to the MPD Records Unit: (608) 266-4075.

Incident Report for Case #2014-418212

Incident Type

Weapons Violation

Incident Date

12/24/2014 - 10:55 PM


4500 Cottage Grove Road


Quincy R. Thompson, 19-year-old male of Madison, WI
CHARGES: Use Of Facsimile Firearm, Resisting A Police Officer, Disorderly Conduct (2 counts), Possession Of A Laser Pointer & Underage Consumption


25-year-old male and 22-year-old female of Cookeville Tennessee


Shortly after 10:55pm, on 12/24/2014, a 22-year-old female walked out of Walgreens and was planning on getting into the car where her 25-year-old boyfriend was waiting in the parking lot. She was shocked that a male subject, later identified as Quincy Thompson, was hovering around their car, and pointing an object at her boyfriend that looked like a gun. The object, with laser displayed, was fixated on her boyfriend until Thompson was aware she was within 10-15 feet of the vehicle. Quincy then turned the gun/laser on the female, and this allowed for her boyfriend to access his weapon; with both male subjects now being confronted with a dire situation. Quincy allegedly yells, "Go ahead and shoot me, I'm not afraid of you, I'm from the south side of Chicago and I'm not afraid of white people!"

Facing the barrel of a loaded gun, Thompson makes one wise decision to leave the parking lot, and based on quick dispatching by The Dane County 911 Center, Madison Police arrived at the intersection of Cottage Grove Road and Acewood Boulevard. Officers noted a subject matching the description of the suspect, and drew their duty weapons to verbally challenged Quincy in the center of the street. He was taken into custody and interviews were conducted. When Quincy was made aware he was being arrested, he punched the interior protective windows, and he kicked the door of the squad with so much force that it was noted to have separated approximately 1-2 inches from the structural frame! Quincy threatened to spit in the face of an officer, talked about blowing up the City of Madison, and even stated he "Kills cops"; going so far to talk about getting a tattoo for having done so.

In any event, the couple from Tennessee was grateful for the quick response by police, and all parties understood how a serious situation was averted due to mere luck. Officers confiscated the item that Quincy had used and been in possession of, and it was determined to be a lighter with an attached laser. This item looked like a functional 4 ½ inch chrome plated firearm, named, "Ji Guan Deng", and prompted a reasonable response from the male victim. The public is reminded to be cognizant of the response that they should expect when individuals are faced with a potential deadly force scenario. Quincy claimed he was only asking the victim for $.50, but if one believed the veracity of his statement, the manner in which he went about such a request was entirely outside the scope of what anyone should think was reasonable. Quincy was confined on all charges listed.

PO Howard Payne

Released 12/26/2014 at 11:33 AM by P.O. Howard Payne

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