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Basic SRO Course
posted February 18, 2019 10:40 AM


Basic SRO Course


DATE:  March 25-29, 2019



The NASRO Basic School Resource Officer Course is a forty-hour (40) block of instruction designed for law enforcement officers and school safety professionals working in an educational environment and with school administrators. The course provides tools for officers to build positive relationships with both students and staff.

The course is also beneficial for educational professionals dedicated to providing a safe learning environment and provides a more in-depth understanding of the role and functions of an SRO.

The course emphasizes three main areas of instructions:

Function of Law Enforcement – Instruction on the differences between law enforcement when conducted inside a school environment including understanding the teen brain and de-escalation techniques.

Mentoring Students – Instruction designed to provide tools to be a positive role model for youth, including informal counseling techniques.

Guest Speaking – Instruction on a variety of instructional techniques as well as classroom management tools to provide law-related education to students.

Attendees will gain a solid working knowledge of the School Resource Officer concept and how to establish a lasting partnership with their schools.

Duration:  5 days (40 hours)

Cost:  $495 per person for non-NASRO members and includes one year NASRO membership/ $445 per person for NASRO members








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