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This week's featured course: Growing Courage
posted July 28, 2016 4:51 PM

Growing Courage ( Leadership )
Date: 8/19/2016, 8am-5pm
Cost:  $75
Location:  Madison Police Department Training Center

Description: This engaging leadership course is designed to equip supervisors, managers, & executives in navigating the challenges found in today's law enforcement workforce. Using an interactive & experiential based framework, attendees will be equipped to capitalize on opportunities for growth in their organizations & build stronger teams to meet those challenges.

This course will explore the necessary attitudes of successful leaders & develop the skill competencies to translate those leadership values into everyday action. Growing Courage will help you think differently about leadership while giving you practical tools to act differently as a leader. Through the use of real world case studies, Growing Courage will create a developmental framework & tools for mentoring future leaders within your organization.

This innovative & engaging course uses a variety of learning activities to challenge & energize your leadership team to create a legacy of leadership in your organization.

Contact: Sgt Linda Covert
5702 Femrite Drive
Madison, WI 53718
608-261-5545 (o)

More: This course is for leaders of all ranks in policing, corrections or law-enforcement/security related professions.  Roy Bethge is veteran police leader with more than 26 years of experience. He currently serves as Deputy Chief of Operations for a police department in Northern Illinois. His responsibilities include leadership of the Patrol and Investigations Division. He holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia College & has an extensive background as a trainer in the subject areas of leadership development, use of force & adult learning. He is a subject matter expert for Louisiana State University's National Center for Biomedical Research & Training, a course development consultant for Northwestern University's Center for Public Safety & private consultant. Mr. Bethge presents nationally on the topics of Leadership, Instructor Development & Organizational Change.

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