Posted on Monday, August 14, 2017 - 4:07pm

A Father & Daughter Duo

Nancy Hutson’s work is unique.  Her media are yarn (crochet), fencing wire, and plywood, along with paper and pen; most recently, drywall compound has come to play a role as well.  Her work runs the gamut from abstract crocheted pieces to larger-than-life sculptures, almost always with a playful, highly imaginative aspect.  Gentle but commanding, her pieces express her fascination with the interplay between the imagination and the seeking mind.  She is a self-taught artist with a small-town background.  In this, she follows in her father’s footsteps. 

George Hutson, 84, worked in a factory most of his life before retirement, but made time to follow his many eclectic interests; among these were dinosaurs.  George’s dinosaur paintings are the result of both meticulous research into each species, and a giddy but disciplined hand with color, form, repetition of elements, and compositional structure.  

Come see their work at the Madison Senior Center!