• All 2020 Census Systems Go: How Smart Planning, Thorough Testing, and Backup Systems Will Deliver a Secure and Successful Count Posted 03/05/2020

    WRITTEN BY: DR. STEVEN DILLINGHAM AND DR. RON JARMIN The 2020 Census is important because responses help determine congressional representation for each state, and guide how billions of dollars in public, private, and not-for-profit resources are distributed across the country for the next 10 years. Those funds are used for critical services like emergency response, fire departments, schools, health care, and transportation.  Read more »
  • How Seniors Are Affected by Mesothelioma? Posted 02/21/2020

    Mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive disease, one that can affect any person who comes into contact with asbestos. However, some people are more at risk of developing the cancer than others. Due to numerous characteristics of the disease, seniors are one such group of people. According to the American Cancer Society, the latency period for mesothelioma to develop can be anywhere from 20 to 50 years after asbestos exposure. Most times you don’t see any signs or symptoms until years later, making the common age range for diagnosis 50 to 70 years old. Read more »
  • MLK Day Posted 01/22/2020

    When people hear “Martin Luther King Day”, they tend to think of it as a day off work, a day off school, or a day in which businesses may be closed. However, Martin Luther King Day is much more than that. Held on the third Monday of January, people across America are encouraged to celebrate the life attainments of Martin Luther King Jr. Read more »
  • Preparing to Care Posted 10/17/2019

    No one is ever prepared to become a caregiver for a loved one diagnosed with dementia. The financial and emotional strain, as well as the time commitment are significant and draining. A new educational series is designed to help you prepare and plan for the eventuality of this situation. It will also benefit individuals already immersed and trying to getting a handle on their situation. This is a series so each week builds on the previous one. It is most beneficial to attend all three. If you need respite care in order to attend, call Jane DeBroux at 240-7400. Read more »
  • September 23rd is National Falls Prevention Day Posted 08/27/2019

    National Falls Prevention Day, is a day set aside to educate others on how to prevent fall related injuries, the impact of falls, and to make the community aware of falls prevention programs in the community. Per the National Council on Aging “Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. Wisconsin has one of the highest rates of death from unintentional falls in the nation. In fact, the death rate due to unintentional falls in Wisconsin is twice the national average. Read more »
  • Crimes of the 21st Century Posted 08/14/2019

    If you search “crime of the 21st century” on the internet, what do you think would be the results? Did elder financial abuse and scams cross your mind? Unfortunately, these crimes have become so prevalent that they have earned this title. Financial scams typically go unreported, but they are incredibly devastating to many older adults and can leave them in a vulnerable position. The Dane County Financial Abuse Specialist Team (FAST) provides consultation on cases of financial abuse of older adults to professionals in the community who serve this population. Read more »
  • July is National Ice Cream Month Posted 07/15/2019

    Did you know that while there is no exact origin date of ice cream, there are counts of ice cream reaching as far back as the second century B.C.? Alexander the Great was known to enjoy ice flavored with honey and nectar, there are references showing King Solomon indulging in iced drinks during harvesting, and during the Roman Empire, Nero Claudius Caesar frequently appreciated snow flavored with fruits and juices. Read more »
  • The Longest Day Posted 06/25/2019

    This past weekend we celebrated the Summer Solstice, which marked the longest hours of daylight for 2019. Often this day includes fun outdoor festivities such as a BBQ or a day on the lake, but the Summer Solstice means more than a brat washed down with a Spotted Cow. Read more »
  • St Patrick's Day Posted 03/14/2019

    CELEBRATED SAINT St. Patrick might be the patron saint of Ireland but he didn’t always live in Ireland. Patrick was born in Britain in the fourth century and didn’t arrive in Ireland until he was 16 years old  After he arrived in Ireland, Patrick became interested in Christianity and started teaching others about the religion. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on the day Patrick supposedly died.   MYTHS BUSTED Read more »
  • Dementia Friendly Communities Posted 03/05/2019

    What is a Dementia Friendly community? A dementia friendly community is a village, town, city or county that is informed, safe and respectful of individuals with the disease, their families and caregivers and provides supportive options that foster quality of life. Joining DFA means a community is engaging in a process to become more dementia friendly. Read more »
  • AMP - Aging Mastery Program Posted 01/23/2019

    Welcome to your playbook for aging well! As children, we’re taught how to be successful adults. By contrast, no one teaches us how to age well. As a result, most are unprepared for this new stage in life. Read more »