• Too many elderly people are isolated in our society Posted 03/20/2019

    Mar 7, 2019 Dear Editor: In a self-driven environment we think forward to the future, but as we’ve learned from history books, a good indication of the future is our past. For the past year, I have gotten close with five older adults ranging from the ages of 60-96. Through my conversations with them, I’ve learned about challenges they’ve faced throughout their life including divorces, deaths, and moral acceptance of issues. Read more »
  • Building Momentum - September is National Senior Center Month Posted 08/16/2018

    Today’s senior centers are a vibrant, action-packed combination of life engagement, cognitive and physical stimulation, and learning and doing what they can about avoiding disease and disability. During National Senior Center Month, the Madison Senior Center is celebrating these shared experiences that build momentum in the lives of everyone around them. Read more »