Monday, November 19, 2018 - 9:04am

A fun and instructive course on successful aging!

The Aging Mastery Program (AMP) is a fun and engaging education and behavior change incentive program for aging well.
This is a six week program that will meet every Monday from January 7th to February 11th, 5-8pm.
Who Needs AMP? Retirement age adults who plan to live another 10-30 years.
What Will I Gain? AMP encourages mastering behaviors that lead to improved health, stronger financial security, and overall well-being through small but impactful changes.
The AMP core curriculum covers 10 topics. The classroom experience is a mix of didactic and interactive learning with an emphasis on peer-to-peer interaction. When they graduate from AMP, participants have set goals for positive actions in many aspects of their lives such as exercise, nutrition, finances, advance care planning, community engagement, and healthy relationships.
Meet new friend and find opportunities for community involvement.
Local experts will provide valuable resources you can use for many years.

The cost is $49 for all six classes, or sign up with a friend and pay only $79 for both of you.
Call 266-6581 to register. Limited spots. Sign up now!