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Below details the services that have been changed due to the COVID-19.

This page will be updated as other changes to services occur.

(last update: July 30, 2021)

Customer Service Offices open

Streets Division offices at 1501 W. Badger Rd and 4602 Sycamore Ave walk-in customer service offices are open.

Recycling fee stickers are available at the customer services office.

Face coverings are recommended for all visitors to the Streets Division offices. 

And please remember to follow appropriate social distancing rules.

All visitors should follow the appropriate signs and guidance of staff to ensure safe entry and exit to the facility.

Streets Division offices are open 7:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Questions will be answered over the phone until 4:00pm.


drop-off sites open WITH restrictions

Drop-off sites are open.

Check the drop-off site page to learn the hours of operation.

The number of people allowed into the unloading area at a single time will be limited.

Residents should anticipate encountering lines. Pack your patience along with your items that need disposal and recycling.

If you are waiting in line to enter the facility when the sites close, you will not be allowed to enter and unload material. You will need to return another day.

During days when the lines to enter the facility are long, some vehicles may be turned away earlier than posted closing time because they will not be able to enter the facility and unload on time.

When the sites are closed, no one may enter to drop off material.


free mulch for madison residents available at 121 e. olin ave

Residents can once again get small amount of mulch for free. The process for obtaining the mulch has changed from years past.

When entering the facility, the mulch available for residents will be located to the left along the fence.

You must follow the cones and signs to form the line so not to obstruct the heavy equipment utilizing other functions of the facility.

Do not approach the booth near the scale.

Do not enter the processing area beyond the booth, either.  

The supply of mulch remains limited and is not guaranteed to be available for residents when they arrive. The pile of mulch for residents will be restocked when possible.

Visit the Wood Mulch section of the Brush Processing website for additional information.


mulch sales & brush processing services

Mulch sales have resumed at 121 E. Olin Ave.

Also, brush and wood chip processing for contractors and City of Madison residents have resumed. Fees will be charged at this location to process brush.

Only credit card payments will be accepted.  No cash or checks.

Visit the Wood Mulch section of the Brush Processing website for additional information.