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In order to assist residents with disabilities who struggle with placing collection carts out for pickup, the Streets Division has a program to assist rolling the carts out.

To receive the Residential Disabled Roll Out Service residents must:

  1. Be unable to wheel their cart to the curb for collection,

  2. Have no one else who can assist them such as a spouse or other live in family member or a personal assistant,

  3. Be certified by a physician as needing assistance,

  4. Fill out and return the required Residential Disabled Roll Out Service Application.
Participation Guidelines
  1. On collection day your carts must be placed where can be seen from the street and free from obstructions, such as parked cars.
    • Carts also must not be in a garage, car port, or other structure.
    • Carts must not be on steps, porches, elevated patios, platforms, or otherwise off the ground where they must be lowered in order to be rolled to the collection truck.

  2. In winter, a path must be clear of snow and ice so our staff can get the carts to the street and back.
Application for Residential Roll Out Service
Please fill out the Residential Disabled Roll Out Service Application and send to one of the following locations:

West side residents

1501 W. Badger Road
Madison, WI 53713
Fax: (608) 267-1120

East side residents

4602 Sycamore Avenue
Madison, WI 53704
Fax: (608) 246-5804


Completed forms can also be scanned and emailed to

Many people value living in Madison because they can maintain their independence in spite of the physical challenges they face. We want Madison residents to know that we will be able to help all of our residents who need assistance with their carts.