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The City of Madison is accepting old holiday lights and extension cords for recycling the drop-off sites that accept electronics.

Holiday lights and cords are collected with the other electronics.

Remember that the use of City of Madison drop off sites is restricted to City of Madison residents and property owners only. Persons wishing to use the sites should be prepared to provide proof of residency/property ownership.

What We will accept

We will accept any and all holiday lights and extension cords.

You do not need to remove the bulbs from mini light strings or LED lights.

We recommend that you remove the light bulbs from older sets with larger bulbs such as those picture below. The separated bulbs would go into the trash or consult with a lamp recycler.


There is no limit to the number of lights and cords you can bring in for recycling and there is no fee for this program.

For more information on the drop off site hours and locations

Other light recycling options

In addition to the City of Madison locations, there are several stores in the Madison area that are recycling holiday lights. What these stores accept may be different from what we are taking at the City drop off sites so be sure to follow their guidelines.