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As of 4/30/2012, the MadiSUN Program's solar agent advising and assessment services are no longer available. For information about solar energy, please check-out this website, click on project specific information in the sidebar and visit the "More Useful Solar Information" resources section.
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In 2007, the City of Madison was named on of 25 Solar America Cities. Since receiving this designation, the City of Madison's Solar program, MadiSUN, has helped hundreds of businesses and thousands of residents learn more about solar energy, understand their solar production potential and assist with the solar purchasing process. In addition, the city currently owns and operates several solar electric and solar hot-water systems and is continuing to explore additional options to add more solar to city facilities. In support of improving the local solar climate, the City has also improved the permitting process and zoning codes to encourage solar projects.

UPDATE: The City of Madison in partnership with the cities of Milwaukee and Marshfield along with several non-profit organizations including the Midwest Renewable Energy Association was one of twelve recipients of the Rooftop Solar Challenge funded by SunShot. The program is part of the Department of Energy effort that aims to make installations easier.

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Navigate the City of Madison requirements to install solar with five easy steps, get answers to frequently asked questions and avoid common mistakes.

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