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Frequently Asked Questions

What permits are needed?

You can obtain all permits at the same time, if you have all necessary documentation.

For all systems you need:

  • Electrical Permit (where applicable)
  • Plumbing Permit (if potable water is involved)
  • Heating Permit (if space heating is involved)
  • Building Permit (different requirements depending on zoning information, see below)

Who can perform the installation and what licenses are needed?

A single-family homeowner installing the system in his own owner-occupied home is allowed to perform all the work himself.

Anyone else performing the work needs to have the following licenses:
  • Electrical license (if project requires electrical permit)
  • Plumbing license (if plumbing permit is required)
  • Class A-4 HVAC license (active solar heating equipment)

Who can I contact?

For electrical, plumbing, heating permit and to obtain licenses, you will work with the Building Inspection staff.

For the building permit, you will work with Building Inspection (structural issues) AND Zoning staff.

For questions please call:
  • Building Inspection Unit (Alan Harper, 266-4558)
  • Zoning (266-4551)

Please be prepared to give them as much information about the property and installation as possible. The more accurate information you can give them, the more complete the answer will be.