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City of Madison

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Renewable Energy Projects


The PV system was installed in 2008. The total system size is 6.9 kW. The small array at the entrance of the building shows citizens how a PV system works and what it is made of. inside the building is a little exhibition area about solar systems and the small inverter is shown. the larger array is on the flat roof and is not visible from the street.

This system generates 8,665 kWh and save 6.9 tons of CO2 annually.


The PV systems were installed in 2008 and are the largest PV systems in the area that are pole-mounted. Each of the poles holds panels with a power output of 3.15 kW, adding up to 12.3 kW.

These panels generate 16,728 kWh and save 13.4 tons of CO2 annually.

Image: Hot Water Solar


From 2006 till 2008 all 11 existing fire stations were equipped with solar hot water systems to heat up domestic hot water. The system sizes at each station depend on the number of occupants and the need for hot water. The smallest systems have three collectors with 96 ft² of collector area and the largest system has six collectors with 240 ft² of collector area. All but one system have Btu-meters installed to monitor their performance.

All 11 systems save 3,426 therms of natural gas and 18 tons of CO2 annually altogether.

Image: Renewable Energy Projects


This PV system was installed in 2007. The total system size is 4.2 kW. The awning-mounted system is visible from the street and a second array is on the flat roof above the awning-mounted system.

This system generates 5,254 kWh and save 4.2 tons of CO2 annually.

Image: Renewable Energy Projects

Purchase of Renewable Energy

As part of implementing Building a Green Capital City and the City’s commitment to reach our Mpowering Madison goal of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2011, the City of Madison will purchase approximately 10% of it’s total electrical energy consumption from renewable sources (wind power).  This 10% includes the Water Utility and Overture and equals 5,7244,588 kWh.  On top of this 10% base, Metro Transit and Monona Terrace have committed to purchasing a full 25% of their electrical energy needs from renewable sources, which equals an additional 1,803,332 kWh.  This purchase will result in 5,929 metric tons of CO2 reduced in 2008.
Image: Solar Parking Canopy

Solar Electric Parking Canopy at Madison Municipal Building

MGE and the City of Madison partnered on the installation of a solar parking shade structure at the Madison Municipal building. The 90-foot-long by 18-foot wide structure is designed to provide shade for 9 parking stalls as well as demonstrate building integrated photovoltaic in an urban setting. The 8.5 kW array produces 9,300 kWh per year and reduces CO2 emissions by 18,600 pounds per year.
Image: Solar Electric Shade

Solar Electric Shade Structure at Goodman Pool

MGE and the City of Madison jointly worked on the installation of a solar electric shade structure at Goodman Pool.  The 40-foot-long by 20-foot-wide shade structure is designed to provide shade for the toddler sandbox area while incorporating a 2.1 kW photovoltaic system on the roof.  The system will produce 2,600 kWh per year and reduced CO2 emissions by 5,200 pounds per year.