MetroForward logoImproving Transit Equity

Due to years of underinvestment from federal and state partners, Metro has not been able to equitably serve the entire community.

Metro Transit staff are working on a complete network redesign to create a new system of bus routes that better serves the needs of all Madison area residents and businesses.

The network redesign process will reconfigure all of Madison’s bus routes to make them run faster, more frequently, and overall make them easier to use.

Before the onset of Covid-19, Metro’s service was mainly oriented towards peak hour routes with limited service during mid-days, evenings and weekends.

The redesign will improve access and provide transit equity to those that live in low income neighborhoods and communities of color with more service to periphery areas of the city during more times and days of the week.

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bus on state stFree Summer Youth Passes

To improve access throughout the community, the City of Madison is teaming up with the Madison Metropolitan School District to distribute a summer Metro Transit pass to ALL middle and high school students.

This special summer program provides free rides to students attending 6th grade next year through those that have just graduated from high school to make it easier to get around to jobs, athletic camps, friends’ homes and other fun summer destinations.