City of Madison Flooding Update-Thursday, October 4, 2018

Thursday, October 4, 2018 - 12:08pm

Issued: 12:00 noon

Potential Rising Waters and Reminders on Sandbags and Parking

Both Lake Mendota and Monona rose about 5 inches following the rain we received last Sunday and Monday. Lake Mendota is currently one foot below the 100-year elevation and 6 inches below the storm High. Lake Monona sits 1 inch over the 100-year flood elevation. That is 9 inches below the storm high. Both lakes have peaked for now, but more rain is predicted.

More rain is expected tonight through the middle of next week. A further rise in lake levels will occur if the area receives the amounts or rain predicted. City staff will continue to monitor the weather and the lake levels.

Water is appearing on Mifflin St west of Livingston St and just starting to appear on Johnson St at the Yahara River. Therefore, we are again facing possible lane or road closures.

City staff are reminding residents to check their sandbags, make sure they are in proper locations to protect property if water continues to rise. We are also asking that you don’t park your vehicles in areas in low-lying areas. If you see water pooling, and there is rain in the forecast, avoid that area for parking.