Madison Water Utility entering north side water in state taste test

Thursday, August 6, 2015 - 10:18am

Water taste test is Monday at the State Fair

Two years ago, Well 7 on North Sherman Ave. had some of the most challenging water quality in Madison. High levels of naturally-occurring iron meant its water was often discolored, and although it pumped a healthy 2,000 gallons-a-minute and provided water to much of the north and east sides, the 1930s-era facility did not meet current codes and was badly in need of reconstruction.
Fast forward to today. Madison Water Utility has invested more than $5 million to rebuild the facility and improve its reliability, efficiency and operational flexibility. The utility has also installed a bank of state-of-the-art filters to remove virtually all iron and manganese from the water before it enters our distribution system.
On Monday at the State Fair, Madison will put Well 7 water up against water from at least 18 other municipalities in the Wisconsin Water Association Best-Tasting Water Competition. Madison won the competition in 2013 and placed 3rd last year. We’re confident that the new better-looking, better-tasting Well 7 water will be tough to beat, but more than that, we’re proud that the facility will bring high-quality water to north and east side residents for generations to come.
The new Well 7 went online earlier this summer – you can learn more about the project on our Well 7 web page


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