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Annual report and new website feature facilitate public access to information

Madison-Madison Water Utility today issued its 2007 Drinking Water Quality Annual Report. The report will be mailed to Madison residents this week. In conjunction with release of the report, the utility launched a new website feature that allows residents to enter their home address, find out which city wells serve their home, and acquire information and detailed water quality data associated with those wells.

The annual report shows that Madison drinking water meets or exceeds state and federal drinking water regulations. Public Health Director Thomas Schlenker is quoted in the report saying, "public health concerns over excessive levels of manganese have been resolved." The report describes the actions the City took to resolve manganese issues following increased reports of discolored water at taps in 2005, including instituting a more effective water main cleaning program and conducting extensive water quality sampling throughout the city.

"I am happy to report that our extensive water quality testing has confirmed that our drinking water is safe," said utility general manager David Denig-Chakroff. "We are working hard to make sure it not only meets regulatory requirements, but also consistently exceeds customer expectations in terms of overall aesthetics."

The new utility website function, Water Quality for Wells Serving My Address, introduced in conjunction with release of the annual report, was a specific component outlined in the Mayor's 10-point initiative to protect and improve Madison's drinking water issued in May 2006. While the annual drinking water quality report provides specific citywide water quality information and data, the new website feature allows water consumers to enter the address of their home, school or workplace and get water quality reporting for the wells that serve them.

In addition to being mailed to residents, the annual water quality report can be viewed on the utility website at: . The new website feature for accessing water quality information for specific addresses can be viewed at:
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