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Disclaimer: Please note that this is not real time data. Hence, there may be outstanding tickets and/or fees that do not appear in the search results. Allow up to five business days from the date of issue for tickets to be uploaded to the website. If you are unable to access your ticket(s) via the website, or if you wish to confirm the current outstanding amount due, please call Court Services for additional information.

Payment can also be made in person (Locations accepting payments in person) or via U.S. Mail to the City Treasurer's Office, 210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Room 107, Madison WI, 53703.
If tickets are not paid in full, they are subject to additional administrative charges.

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** Please Note: Special plates include Sesquicentennial, Endangered Resources (Wolf), Green Bay Packers, and Celebrate Children. The State of Wisconsin has more than 200 plate types. If your plate type is not listed, please call Court Services for information.

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Court Services

Please contact us with questions about this payment and refunds