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Project Address
6002 Cottage Grove Road, 5901-5939 Sharpsburg Drive & 857 Jupiter Drive

Project Review Schedule Update:

On February 15, 2012, the Urban Design Commission (UDC) gave initial approval to the requested amendment to the Planned Unit Development-General development Plan for the Grandview Commons Town Center to enlarge the Center and allow development of a 58,000 square foot grocery store.  On February 20, 2012, the Plan Commission referred consideration of this proposed PUD amendment (and related amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Sprecher Neighborhood Development Plan) to their March 5th meeting at the request of the Alder to allow time to incorporate the UDC comments into the review materials.

Notices for the Common Council public hearings previously scheduled for February 28, 2012 on these three items have already been published, and these items will appear on the agenda for that meeting.  However, these hearings will be opened and immediately continued and referred to the March 20, 2012 Common Council meeting.  No public testimony on the proposed PUD amendment or the two proposed plan amendments will be taken at the February 28th Common Council meeting, and there will be no discussion of these items other than the required referrals.

Final approval of the proposed amendment to the Grandview Commons PUD is currently scheduled for consideration at the March 7, 2012 UDC meeting.

As a result of these actions, the tentative review schedule for the Grandview Commons Town Center project and the related Comprehensive Plan and Sprecher Neighborhood Development Plan amendments is:

Plan Commission:   March 5, 2012, 6:00 PM
Urban Design Commission:   March 7, 2012, 4:30 PM
Madison Common Council:   March 20, 2012, 6:45 PM

Application Materials
Rezoning Application - October 19, 2011
Letter of Intent
Project History
Requested Zoning Amendments
Application Addendum Packet - January 11, 2012, PUD
Traffic Impact Analysis - January 2012

Rezoning Maps and Concept Plans
Town Center Site Plans and Conceptual Elevations

Links to Related Proposals
Link to Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Link to Sprecher Neighborhood Plan Amendment

Public Comments
Link to Compiled Public Comments
Comment Cards from 1-12-12 Neighborhood Meeting

Background Information

Type : Rezoning
Current Zoning : A, PUD-GDP & PUD-SIP
Proposed Zoning : Amended PUD-GDP & R2T
Date Circulated : 24 October 2011
Comments Due : 08 December 2011
Project Description : General development plan for Grandview Commons Town Center, including plans for 109,000 sq. ft. of future retail/office development including a 58,000 sq. ft. grocery store; a 24,000 sq. ft. public library; 110 multi-family units; and a subdivision plan for 18 single-family lots, 5 town center lots, and 1 outlot.
Property Owners : Jeff Rosenberg - Veridian Homes
Project Contact : Brian Munson - Vandewalle & Associates
Phone : 255-3988
Fax : 255-0814
Email :
Planning Unit Contact : Tim Parks - 261-9632 -
Alderperson : Lauren Cnare - District 03
Plan Commission : 23 January 2012
Common Council : 07 February 2012

Departmental Comments

Report to the Plan Commission on PUD Rezoning 1-20-12

Report of the Urban Design Commission 1-18-12

Planning Division Report on Comprehensive Plan and Amendments 2-16-12

Alderperson Cnare

McClellan Park Neighborhood Association

Approval Letter