South Capitol Transit Oriented Development Planning Study

Why the Study?

The Downtown Plan includes ideas about improving the number of ways people get to and around the Downtown on foot, on a bike, on a bus, and in a car. The SCTOD District Planning Study will address a number of initiatives that will improve the connectivity and accessibility throughout the South Capitol District Planning Area.

What improvements are needed to key John Nolen intersections to make them safer and more appealing to pedestrians, bikers, and drivers? How can the Downtown be better connected to Lake Monona? What improvements are needed along the Capital City Trail so that it can better meet needs of multiple users-bikers, pedestrians, and fisherman? Should Wilson Street be two-way? What streetscaping improvements are necessary? How will redevelopment opportunities identified in the Downtown Plan be affected? And finally, where should an intercity bus terminal be located? What other uses should it include and what might it look like?

Using a transparent and collaborative public involvement process, the SCTOD District Planning Study will answer these questions and in doing so will create a Downtown that is connected and accessible to members of the community and visitors alike.