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The Sunset Village Community Association, Sunset Hills Neighborhood Association, and VanChaMasShe represent neighborhood areas located on the near west side of Madison. These neighborhood-based organizations, in conjunction with Hilldale Row Condominium Association and Friends of Hoyt Park, applied for a City of Madison Neighborhood Planning Grant to prepare a neighborhood plan. On March 16, 2011 the Madison Common Council approved a $50,000 grant award to Sunset Village Community Association to conduct a joint neighborhood planning process. The City of Madison issued a Request for Proposals to private consultant firms to conduct the planning process. Vandewalle & Associates will be providing professional planning services in the preparation of this plan.

Planning Steps
Step 1: Determine Scope, Study Area, & Timeline
Step 2: Asset Inventory and Mapping
Step 3: Data Collect and Analysis
Step 4: Identify Strategic Issues
Step 5: Set Vision, Goals & Objectives
Step 6: Formulate Alternatives, Strategies & Recommendations
Step 7: Plan Development and Implementation Strategy
Step 8: Plan Review, Finalization, & Adoption
Step 9: Monitor, Evaluate, and Track

We want you to think about the key factors that make the neighborhood work. An integrated approach, starting with a vision as the foundation, will help preserve assets of the neighborhood and address the factors that can transform the neighborhood into a more livable place. Three important components for this study:

1. Community Participation. Effective citizen participation during the planning process helps in shaping the outcomes to maximize its community benefits and in identifying and resolving potential issues as early as possible. Several Open Houses are planned for neighbors and businesses to voice the importance and to react to what is proposed for the planning area.

2. Function and Design. We want to look at local community character, relationships to surrounding land use patterns and scale, and set the stage for managed change of the planning study area that will make it more livable.

3. Implementation. Public and private collaboration and what role they play are important for positive changes to occur on the planning area. The Hoyt Park Area Joint Plan and Implementation Strategy will be review by various boards and commissions and ultimately adopted by the Madison Common Council within the next twelve months.

Many factors contribute to community character, such as building and site design, street and pedestrian access, local travel patterns and street configuration, and cultural/natural amenities. Join the e-notification list so you know what is happening and how to get involved in the planning process.