Union Corners Development Progress

    Union Corners developer, McGrath Associates, submitted its Urban Design Commission (UDC) application today.  UDC is scheduled to consider the Union Corners proposal on Wednesday, September 20.  Typically, development projects go to UDC for approval first, then to Plan Commission, then City Council.

    There was also a kick-off meeting today to go over plans for road and sewer construction this fall - primarily a new road that would go from the planned roundabout at Sixth Street - Winnebago up to Milwaukee Street (meeting Milwaukee Street at a point near where the back of Kohl's used to be). 

    As of today, the contractor, Capitol Underground, Inc., 2413 Parmenter, Middleton, says it plans to start work next Tuesday, September 5.   It will begin with sanitary sewer work near the intersection of Fifth Street and Winnebago.

    Capitol Underground says it plans to be doing sanitary sewer work the Weeks of September 4-8 and September 11-15, water main work the week of September 18-22, storm sewer work the week of September 25-29, stone base for the new road the weeks of October 9-13 and October 23-27, and paving the week of October 30-November 3.

  • Planning Unit Report dated 1/9/06 (pdf)
  • Urban Design Commission (UDC) Submittal dated 12/21/05 (pdf)
  • UDC Site Plan dated 12/19/05 (pdf)
  • UDC Application dated 12/14/05 (pdf)
  • UDC Report dated 12/7/05 (pdf)
  • UDC Comments dated 12/7/05 (pdf)
  • UDC Submittal dated 12/7/05 (pdf)
  • Concept Plan dated July 30, 2005 & narrative (pdf)
  • On November 15th, the demolition of the former battery assembly building at the closed Rayovac factory began. The removal and reuse of this brick structure signifies the separation between the demolition of the oldest part of the site buildings and the promise of the new development about to occur.
  • Since October Champion Environmental has been working to efficiently raze over 20 buildings that formed the manufacturing complex. Steps from ranging from garnering permits to protecting storm water pipes and separating building components for recycling have been planned to allow for the highest level reuse of materials and lowest energy input.
  • Now, all buildings at the back of the property are taken down and within a week, the final portions of the walls and roofs to be demolished will be gone.
  • You may already know that the three-story front building will remain and be renovated, but it may be a surprise that the clean building components of cement and asphalt will be returned to productive use at the site, while steel will be recycled into new steel and the brick will be recovered to be used in buildings onsite and new ones elsewhere.
  • The anticipated schedule for demolition shows that the buildings, including floors and most footings, will be gone by Thanksgiving when the Champion activities will focus on grading the site to control rain runoff along with baling steel and making the final concrete aggregate with the crusher.
  • By November 30th, a new contractor (Onyx Special Services) will arrive at the site to begin environmental remediation work.
  • From 1917 to the mid 1930's there were flashlight style batteries placed in back of the factory and graded to fill in swampy land on the factory site. Over the years Rayovac, along with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, studied the effect of these land filled materials on the environment. When the opportunity to redevelop the property was created, all parties agreed that the land filled battery related materials should be removed to provide a clean and clear piece of property for the new development.
  • The removal of this waste is scheduled to take place in roughly 20 working days. No Saturday work is planned at this time, so including holidays the excavation work should be completed in the week between Christmas and New Year's day. Sampling will be done as the excavation proceeds to assure that the residential clean up standards are being met. Site control will assure that excavated materials are not tracked onto city streets.
  • The final housekeeping and grading will take one-two more weeks, roughly until January 15 to complete, resulting in a property primed for redevelopment.
  • The finishing work will include storm water drainage contouring and cover soil for ground cover growth in the spring of 2005.
  • The storm water (and spring melt water) objective for the clean site is to prevent water from running on to the site and prevent it from running off the site to others property. 
  • After the environmental work is completed, all records will be reviewed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to determine if all their standards and remedial conditions have been achieved. When this step is completed in the summer of 2005, the cleaned property will be granted a Certificate of Completion signifying to McGrath Associates that the history as a manufacturing site has been properly cleaned and managed to provide an appropriate residential and commercial building site.
  • At that point the new development can begin.
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