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Available Space

Are you interested in locating your business within the Capitol East District? Two great resources for identifying available property within the District, and throughout the City, are as follows:

City staff is occasionally aware of additional opportunities that may not be identified through these listings. Please contact Mr. Matthew Mikolajewski, Office of Business Resources Manager, at 608-267-8737 or with additional inquiries for available space.

800 South Block of East Washington Avenue
The City of Madison owns two acres of property within the 800 South Block of East Washington Avenue (“800 South Block”). This property is outlined within the attached air photo. The property is more fully depicted within the two attached surveys.

The City is soliciting progress reports from developers interested in the development of the 800 South Block, which would include a Madison Sustainability Commerce Center (MSCC) and/or StartingBlock. Progress reports should include a conceptual plan for the site, an initial budget including goals for sources and uses of capital, a list of committed partners and tenants, and a timeline identifying key milestones. Respondents should submit fifteen (15) paper copies of this progress report, along with a PDF of the entire document. Progress reports must be received by the Economic Development Division in Room 312 of the Madison Municipal Building ( 215 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.) by 4:00 PM CDT on Monday, September 29th, 2014.

Additional information about the process to select a developer for the 800 South Block can be found through the following links:

Additional information about the Madison Sustainability Commerce Center (MSCC) is available here.

Additional information about StartingBlock is available here.

All questions regarding this request should be directed to:

Don Marx, Manager, Office of Real Estate Services at
(608) 267-8717 or