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  • Residential Project Planned for 700 Mifflin Block
    Eric Edee and Paul Marotte are proposing a residential apartment building with up to 190 units and approximately 250 parking stalls on 729-749 East Dayton Street (a 2.6-acre site bounded by East Dayton Street, North Livingston Street, and East Mifflin Street).
    The Reynold
    The proposal has been presented to representatives of the Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association on several occasions, and has evolved over the past few months. Currently, the building has essentially 4 stories, with a small 5th story loft area close to the center of the building.

    The design and development team provided an informational presentation to the Urban Design Commission about the proposal on May 8, 2013. Please find a copy of that presentaion here.
  • The Constellation Completes Topping Out
    East Madison's first high-rise apartment project, The Constellation, reached a project milestone as it completed its Topping Out on approximately April 10, 2013. A ceremonious event in construction, Topping Out occurs when the last and highest structural beam is laid into place - a sign that the structure is nearing completion.

    The 12-story project will redefine downtown living, with upscale apartments, views of both lakes, the Capitol, and even retail space below. It is the first step of many to truly transform the District. For more information about The Constellaion project, visit
    EPA Press Conference
  • Gebhardt/Metcalfe proposal for 800 North Block
    Madison City staff as well as a City ad-hoc committee and members of an adjacent neighborhood association have backed a proposal to redevelop the 800 block of East Washington Avenue.
    800 North
    The Gebhardt Development/Metcalfe's Market proposal includes a Metcalfe's grocery store and bistro with a rooftop garden, along with a mix of living and workspace. The development is part of a greater effort to benefit the East Washington District as a whole for years to come. Please find a copy of the complete proposal here.
  • Capitol East District Hosts CuriosityFest
    Local business owners, hobbyists, entrepreneurs with a passion attended CuriosityFest on Monday, December 3, 2012, at the High Noon Saloon (701 E. Washington). Attendees listened to a dozen passionate speakers from creative, technical, and business communities each share their enthusiasm for five minutes about current projects, favorite ideas, creative endeavors or entrepreneurial ventures.
  • EPA awards Madison $800,000 in Brownsfield Grants
    EPA officials, Mayor Paul Soglin and others announced the city's $800,000 in grants from the federal Environmental Protection Agency at a press conference August 21, 2012, on the 800 block of East Washington Avenue. The Brownsfield grants are an initiative lead by the federal Environmental Protection Agency to identify, assess and clean polluted properties.

    The EPA is distributing a $400,000 grant to clean city-owned sites on the north side of the 800 block of East Washington Avenue; the city of Madison is contributing $80,000 to the cleanup and has already received a $400,000 grant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, funded by the EPA, to improve the property. The cleanup sites along East Washington Avenue have been in industrial and commercial use for more than a century and are contaminated with volatile organic compounds and metals.
    EPA Press Conference

    Redevelopment is already under way in the Capitol East District. Gebhardt Development bought 1.5 acres on the 700 block of East Washington Avenue and has started a 12-story, mixed-use project.
  • Groundbreaking Ceremony Marks Pivotal Step For Capitol East District - 2012
    City officials and project stakeholders celebrated the start of construction of The Constellation by Gebhardt Development at the Capitol East District's groundbreaking ceremony June 7, 2012. Located on the 700 North Block of East Washington Avenue, this 12-story residential and commercial project will be an exciting redevelopment within the Capitol East District.

    In attendance were Mayor Soglin, Alder Maniaci, Otto Gebhardt, city officials Aaron Olver and Steve Cover, all of whom spoke at the ceremony.

    A group photograph taken at the groundbreaking ceremony on June 7, 2012
    Speaker at the groundbreaking ceremony with a display of building plans