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Landmark Nomination Process 

Anyone can nominate a building as a Madison Landmark. The first step is to talk to the staff of the Landmarks Commission to get an idea of whether or not the building would meet the criteria in the ordinances for landmark designation.  Then the nominator must fill out a landmark nomination form. For a copy, see                

The form asks for basic property information, a description of the site, the significance of the site addressing how it meets the Landmarks criteria, and a list of sources used to research the history of the site.  A photograph or two is helpful, but not required.   

The completed form should be submitted to the staff person for the Landmarks Commission, who will review the nomination to make sure it is complete.  Then the nomination is scheduled for preliminary consideration by the Landmarks Commission.  At that time the Landmarks Commission determines whether or not the form adequately addresses the reasons for designation and then decides whether or not to proceed to hold a public hearing on the nomination.  The public hearing requires 30 days notice to several city agencies and the Alderperson for the district, and ten days notification in the newspaper and by mail to all owners within 200 feet of the nominated site.

At the same meeting as the public hearing the Landmarks Commission decides whether to recommend designation to the Common Council.  The Common Council makes the final designation.  


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