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Meeting Notes:  Present || Past

Ground Rules

  • We will respect beginning and ending times unless there is agreement to extend.

  • The facilitator's role is to help everyone's voice be heard and to keep the meeting productive. All contributions are welcome.  In some cases, priority will be given to members of the Planning Studio, but all members of the public who attend a meeting will be invited to share their input and concerns.

  • Raise your hand to speak. The facilitator will usually try to call on people in the order in which they raise their hands, but may alter that based on who has not spoken recently or to follow a thread. 

  • Silence is assumed to mean agreement; the facilitator will try to interpret your body language, but you should try to speak up if you are uncomfortable with the direction of the discussion.

  • Aim for balanced participation: Push yourself to participate in discussions if you normally are a "quiet" person, and push yourself to limit your contribution in order to make space for others if you normally talk a lot.

  • The facilitator may interrupt people if she perceives them to be repeating themselves.

  • Look for common ground; assume there is likely to be a win-win solution to any conflict. We'll use consensus to reach decisions whenever possible.  Where interests clearly conflict after attempts to find common ground, either the issue will be tabled or a 2/3-majority vote will be used if a decision is required.

  • Treat each other with respect. Listen with interest and use active listening skills. Emotional expression in the meeting is OK; aggression is not.

  • Keep side conversations to those absolutely necessary. Silence cell phones or turn to vibrate only. Leave the room to answer calls.

  • No personal attacks. Argue about ideas, not personalities.

  • Humor and fun are encouraged as long as they are not at anyone's expense.

  • If you're confused about what's happening, ask.  Process suggestions from group members are always welcome.  If we're undecided about what to do next, the facilitator will make the call.  

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