Wingra Creek BUILD Advisory Team

Project Area Stakeholders
Michael Felker : Strand Associates Inc and South Metropolitan Business Association
Melissa Huggins : Park Street Partners
Lindsey Lee : Cargo Coffee and Bay Creek Neighborhood Association
Jeffrey Leckwee : Madison Labor Temple Association
Eric Schwartz : SARA Investments
Kevin Snitchler : Dean Medical Clinic
Marsha Gahagan : St. Mary's Hospital

City Staff
Jeanne Hoffman : Mayor's Office
Andy Heidt : District 13 Alderperson
Barb Constans : CDBG Office
Michael Gay : Office of Business Resources
Don Marx : Community & Economic Development
Dan McCormick : Traffic Engineering
Archie Nicolette : Planning Unit

Jule Stroick : Planning Unit

John Stockham : Stockham Consulting

Project Coordinator

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Jule Stroick of the City of Madison Department of Planning and Development at:

215 Martin Luther King Blvd :
608-267-8744 :






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