Madison Public Market

The City of Madison is making progress on the Madison Public Market District.  The vision is to create a multi-use district featuring a mix of food retail, wholesaling, and processing, as well as potentially arts/craft vending, community uses, events, and other activities.  Further, the project aims to create a culturally diverse and dynamic public space that becomes a welcoming destination for all Madison residents.

After several months of research, public outreach, and analysis, the City's Local Food Committee, Economic Development Committee, and Common Council have endorsed a recommendation to move forward with the project and focus on an area along East Washington Avenue near the Yahara River as the "preferred location" (you can learn more about the work that has been done so far by cliking HERE for the Phase 1 report and HERE for the Phase 2 reports).

The City recently prepared a brief PROJECT STATUS REPORT that gives a summary of the first two phases of the project and overview of next steps.

The City is now working on Phase 3 of the Business Plan for the project which will include the details of the Public Market District's design, phasing strategy, cost, vendors, rents, operating structure, etc.  The first step of Phase 3 was an interactive "Placemaking Workshop" held on October 28.  Over 75 community members attended this engaging event to share ideas about specific uses and amenities that could be part of the Public Market District.  A Summary of the Workshop is available HERE.  You can also view the presentation that was given at the workshop HERE

If you have questions or you are interested in learning more about the Public Market project, please check back to this website for updates and feel free to contact Dan Kennelly in the City of Madison's Office of Business Resources at 267-1968 or


Last Updated: 11/07/2014