About The Project

The City of Madison Madison Police Department Policy and Procedure Review is an outgrowth of the work and recommendations of the MPD Ad Hoc Review Committee, which is itself a body of volunteers and residents appointed by the City to address issues of concern regarding police-community relations. The committee was also tasked by the Mayor and City Council to participate in the process of hiring experts to conduct a comprehensive outside review of MPD as a constructive means of identifying strengths and areas of potential improvement. The City Council agreed and authorized the review.

The Ad Hoc Committee devised and the City then issued a Request for Proposals from police practices experts. Based on a screening process, interviews, and recommendations from the Ad Hoc Committee, the City Council approved the selection of OIR Group to perform this work in November of 2016.

Throughout 2017, OIR Group will perform a multi-faceted review of MPD that will culminate in a public report of findings and recommendations.

Review Methodology

Pursuant to the direction of the Ad Hoc Committee and the framework within the RFP, OIR Group is looking at a range of topics related to MPD and the Madison community's experience of policing. These include the following:

  • MPD and national best practices
  • MPD uses of force and critical incidents
  • MPD internal review protocols, including complaint investigations
  • MPD interactions with communities of color within Madison
  • MPD and community policing initiatives
  • MPD's handling of higher risk populations, including those affected by mental illness, substance abuse, and homelessness
  • MPD training
  • MPD recruiting, hiring, and promotions

To arrive at its ultimate findings, OIR Group will make several site visits to Madison in the coming months. It has already spent time with individual members of the Ad Hoc Committee, the Mayor, City Alders, the Chief of Police, public interest groups, advocates, and other City, governmental, and MPD personnel.

The OIR Group has also begun its review of a range of documents provided by the Department at OIR Group's request, including policy manuals, case files, and data collections across various subject areas.