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Central District

The Central Police District encompasses the central area of the city and is bounded to the west and south by U.W. Hospitals, Campus Drive, Old University Avenue, Breese Terrace, and Regent Street. The east boundaries are Fordem Avenue, First Street, East Washington Avenue, Winnebago Street, and Atwood Avenue.

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posted March 16, 2015 11:27 AM
A Message from Langdon NPO Shawn Kelly

 I began my tenure as the Langdon Street NPO in October 2013, and during this time I've had the opportunity to get the know many of the neighborhood residents, as well as the prevailing issues that are present in the neighborhood.  The Langdon Street area consists primarily of student housing, fraternities, sororities, cooperative houses, businesses, and some long term family residences.  Geographically, the Langdon NPO is primarily responsible for Langdon St (between Wisconsin Ave and N. Lake St) and all areas to the north between Langdon St and Lake Mendota.  The Langdon Street neighborhood provides the northern border for Sector 403, which consistently experiences the highest calls-for-service volume in the city.


As you can imagine, the diverse mixture of these populations bring about unique challenges that I am tasked to address.  The presence of the rotating student population, combined with the proximity to State St, the UW campus, and the high number of alcohol outlets in the area, all help contribute to the challenges facing the Langdon neighborhood.  A great amount of calls-for-service in the Langdon St area can be directly attributed to alcohol and binge drinking behavior, which can be easily observed on any given football game day, but other typical calls-for-service consist of noise disturbances, fights and batteries, damage to property complaints, thefts and burglaries, and other associated quality of life issues.


Throughout this last year, I've had the opportunity to speak to many of the fraternity and sorority chapters in the neighborhood as a part of on-going efforts to educate students on how to have a safe and enjoyable college experience while living in downtown Madison.  I invite you all to review the educational brochures that are listed under the Central District Resources section on the Madison Police website, as they highlight many of the key points that are addressed in my presentations.  Also highlighted in these brochures are common ordinance violations that are routinely observed by Officers.


I also invite Langdon neighborhood stakeholders to contact me about any concerns that I may be able to assist with or to help problem solve, which may include problematic neighborhood visitors, suspicious persons, on-going neighborhood nuisances, or other quality of life issues.  I would also love to hear from neighborhood residents who would like to give credit to those who have made a positive impact in the area, either by their actions, leadership, or by other means.  Please feel free to contact me at skelly@cityofmadison.com or at 608-577-5731.  Please contact 911 for any active or immediate concerns, or call 608-255-2345 for non-emergency situations.

April 21, 2015 1:19 PM

Hello,   I am the new Central District Mental Health Officer.  I have been with the Madison Police Department for almost 3 years and I share my new position with 4 other officers spread across the other districts in Madison.  Chief Koval created the full time Mental Health … [read more]

April 13, 2015 12:47 PM

As part of MPD’s embrace of a community-based policing philosophy and desire to build partnerships with our citizens, officers in the Central District have been participating in “Coffee with a Cop” as a way to reach out and meet with people in the neighborhood. Similar to other such programs that … [read more]

April 7, 2015 11:59 AM

  Hello from the Central District Community Policing Team! As the weather warms up, we imagine many of you will be eager to get out of your house and enjoy the many restaurants and taverns in the downtown area of Madison. We want to share some simple safety tips you can use to prevent … [read more]

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