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S8 Client Information

(There is also a great deal of helpful information available to our voucher holders on the S8 Landlord Information section of the web-site)

S8 Vacancy Listing

S8 Vacancy Listing (.xls). Last updated August 8, 2014

Do you use this Section 8 Vacancy Listing?

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Section 8 Payment Standards

Payment Standards 2014 (PDF); Payment Standards 2014 (HTML)


Section 8 Utility Allowances


Appliances (Effective 4/1/13) (PDF)

Detached Units (Effective 4/1/13) (PDF)

Duplex, Townhouse, Rowhouse (Effective 4/1/13) (PDF)

Multi-Unit Structure (4 or more units not including townhouses or rowhouses) (Effective 4/1/13) (PDF)


The simple steps to Section 8 Participation


Section 8 Client Newsletter

S8 Client Newsletter Fall / Winter 2013 (PDF)


S8 Client Newsletter Spring 2013 (PDF)  


Fair Housing

Housing Discrimination Information

Violence Against Women Act - information

Violence Against Women Act - certification and HUD form 50066
HUD form 50066


Si le gustaría hablar con alguien en español, por favor comuníquese con:

Sadie Villegas- Especialista de Sección 8

Teléfono: 608-267-9409




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