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- Arbor Hills-Leopold Neighborhood Plan

- Hoyt Park Area Joint Neighborhood Plan

- University Avenue Corridor Plan

- University Avenue Corridor Brochure

- Hiestand (2005)

- Northport-Warner-Sherman (2009)

- Regent Street-South Campus

- Southwest (2008)

- University Avenue Corridor (2010)

- Wingra Creek Build (2005)

- Neighborhood Planning Presentation

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Adopted Plans

Comprehensive Plan

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Neighborhood Plans


City of Madison Zoning Code

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Neighborhood Training

- 2015 Neighborhood Grant Workshop

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- 2014 Mayor's Neighborhood Conference

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Current Neighborhood Planning

- Worthington Park - Schenk Neighborhood Plan
- Emerson East-Eken Park-Yahara Neighborhood Plan

- University Hill Farms Neighborhood Plan
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Blink Temporary Public Art   

Decorative Pavement Painting

Make Music Madison

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Fire Truck (Contact Fire Education)

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Inoperable Cars



Tall Grass & Weeds

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Streets and Traffic

Adopt a Median Program

Decorative Pavement Painting

Pedestrian Flags Over Dane County

Slow Down Campaign

Speed Watch Program (Speed Display Board)

Traffic Enforcement/Speeding

Traffic Management Program (Traffic Calming)

Traffic Enforcement Safety Team


Bike or Walk to School

Bicycle Safety Classes

Safe Routes to School Program

School Safety Plans

School Traffic Safety Plans

Walk Our Children to School Week

Walking School Bus


Amigos en Azul (Friends in Blue)

Animal Control

Boom Box Training

Citizen Police Academy

Crime Prevention Resources

Cyber Safety Camp

Neighborhood Watch 

Parks Watch

Personal Safety Classes

Police Districts

Traffic Enforcement Team

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Adopt a Park Tree

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Earth Day Challenge

Emerald Ash Borer Toolkit

Flower Garden Volunteers

Heritage Tree Program

Parks Watch

Trees & Urban Canopy

Adopt a Park Tree

Emerald Ash Borer Toolkit

Green Ribbon Project

Heritage Tree Program

Sustainable Atwood