Bus Stops & Shelters

Bus Stops and Shelters

Madison Metro operates 145 buses which travel 13,300 miles daily over 22 regular routes, as well as special routes to City schools. Over 1,500 bus stops are placed along the regular routes, spaced approximately one large block or .10 mile apart. In addition, 135 shelters have been installed at bus stop locations with high passenger activity or unique population needs.

Madison Metro responds to customer requests for new services such as passenger shelters and route extensions as warranted by financial resources and ridership criteria. In recent years, requests for service and associated amenities have outpaced Madison Metroís ability to meet all needs. Diminishing federal and state funding resources, state-imposed cost controls, and increasing costs associated with unfunded mandates have combined to constrain system capabilities. Madison Metro encourages citizens and neighborhood associations to submit suggestions for additional bus stops/shelters and locations, for bus shelter maintenance, and for service improvements.

Bus Shelter Requests. Madison Metro is always interested in increasing customer convenience, and requests for additional bus shelters are welcome. Unfortunately, given budget constraints, funding for additional shelters is limited. Funds for additional shelters at specific sites could potentially be allocated through the City budget process, which would require enlisting the support of the appropriate Alderperson(s).

Bus Stop Requests. Madison Metro accommodates neighborhood preferences as much as possible in the siting of bus stops, but there are a number of siting criteria that must be satisfied, such as distance between stops, relationship to intersections, and street dimensions.

How To Get Started:

  v Determine bus stop, shelter, and/or service request. Determine the bus stop, shelter, and/or service improvement you would like to request.

  v Contact Madison Metro to discuss request. Madison Metro staff can explain bus stop, shelter, and/or service policies and procedures and will explore alternative ways to address your public transportation request.

  v   Contact your district Alderperson. Contact your district Alderperson to explain your bus stop, shelter, and/or service improvement goals. Your Alderperson can work through various channels to advocate for these goals.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Can neighborhood or business groups help fund the construction of new bus shelters?

A:  Madison Metro has entered into bus shelter funding arrangements with neighborhood associations in the past. Typically, Madison Metro and the appropriate private parties sign an agreement which specifies ownership, liability, and maintenance responsibilities.

Q: Can neighborhood associations submit design suggestions when new bus shelters are planned?

A:  Yes. Madison Metro has cooperated with community groups in the bus shelter design phase. For access and safety reasons, however, there are certain design standards with which Madison Metro must comply.

Q: How can neighborhood associations help with bus shelter maintenance? 

A:  The best way for neighborhood associations to help with bus shelter maintenance is to inform Madison Metro about specific bus shelter maintenance needs. Requests from City neighborhoods help Madison Metro develop maintenance work schedules which effectively address the maintenance issues that are most important to Madisonís neighborhoods.

Q: Can neighborhood associations post flyers in bus shelters?

A:  No. State statute prohibits private advertising within the public Right-of-Way, except in designated areas.

Q: Does Madison Metro operate special transportation services for seniors and persons with disabilities?

A:  Yes. In addition to standard bus routes, Madison Metro operates Local Motion, a system of transportation routes for seniors and persons with disabilities. Local Motion offers wheelchair-accessible, curb-to-curb service to primary City destinations including hospitals, retirement centers, and shopping areas. For information, call 266-4466.


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