Table of Contents

How to Use Building Blocks

Art and Cultural Events 
    Public Art 
    Performing Arts, Exhibitions, and Cultural Events 

Bus Stops and Shelters
    Bus Stops and Shelters 

Business Improvements
    Building Partnerships with Businesses 
    Business District Improvements 
    Business Recruitment 

Economic Revitalization
    Community Development Block Grant 
    Capital Revolving Fund 
    Tax Incremental Finance 

Events and Fundraising
    Event Permits 
    Fundraising Permits 
    Special Events Permits Table 

Historic Preservation
    Historic Districts 
    Neighborhood Conservation Areas 
    Historic Landmarks 

Housing and Property Improvements
    Housing and Property Improvements 
    Homeownership, Rehabilitation, and Rent Assistance 

    Street Lights 
    Parking Lot Lighting 

Park Improvements
    Capital Budget Requests 
    People for Parks Planting/Equipment Program 
    Marguerite Pohle Flower Program 
    People for Parks Volunteer Maintenance Projects 
    Adopt-a-Park Volunteer Maintenance Program 

Planning and Zoning
    Land Use Planning 
    Rezonings, Conditional Uses, and Variances 
    Neighborhood Plans 

Property Maintenance
    Neighborhood Clean-Up Events 
    Graffiti Removal 
    Recycling and Collection Services 

Street Beautification and Neighborhood Image-Building
    Neighborhood Identification Signs 
    Street Plantings and Landscaping 
    Benches, Bike Racks, and Kiosks 

Street and Sidewalk Improvements
    Street Cleaning and Repairs 
    Sidewalk Repairs and Improvements 

Traffic, Pedestrian, and Public Safety
    Traffic Controls 
    Neighborhood Speed Watch Program 
    Neighborhood Watch Program 
    Community Fire Safety and Prevention Education 

Funding for Neighborhood Improvements
    Neighborhood Improvement Funding 
    The City Budget 
    Non-City Funding Sources 

Neighborhood Association Resources
    Neighborhood Association Registration 
    Technical and Organizational Assistance 
    Publications for Neighborhood Associations 
    Neighborhood Service Delivery 

Accessing the City of Madison
    Accessing City Government 
    City Information Sources 
    City Agency Directory