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The general approach is to build on the background, vision, objectives, policies, and recommendations contained in the Downtown Advisory Report and the Comprehensive Plan. These documents represent the starting point for the Downtown Plan. To make the dialog more engaging these issue areas may be imbedded in themes, such as: Downtown Living, Working, Moving Around, Visitors & Tourists, Recreation & Entertainment, Sense of Place (and places), Sustainability, and Safety.

The process is expected to commence in March/April 2008 and last approximately one year. At that time, it is expected that a public hearing draft of the plan will be ready for introduction to the Common Council.

The general steps in the process and timeline is summarized in the table below, which is based on meeting windows-- a term used to describe meetings held during a particular phase of the project. Each meeting window will have a specified purpose, topics and timeframe. Any meetings held during a particular timeframe will focus on the purpose and topics associated with that meeting window. Since many meetings are anticipated involving numerous groups, this concept is being utilized as the framework to keep the entire project moving forward. The highlighted meeting window indicates the current phase of the project.

Staff from the City’s Department of Planning and Community and Economic Development will lead this effort, with overall guidance and policy direction being provided by the Plan Commission and Common Council. Other City commissions and committees are expected to have particular interests in the downtown and will receive regular updates and will likely discuss the plan at some of their meetings.

Newsletter Updates

Newsletters will be published regularly throughout the process to provide information on the project’s status. These newsletters will be posted below as they are produced.

Downtown Plan Newsletter #8
Downtown Plan Newsletter #7
Downtown Plan Newsletter #7 (formatted to print at 8.5x11)
Downtown Plan Newsletter #6 (pdf)
Downtown Plan Newsletter #5 (pdf)
Downtown Plan Newsletter #4 (pdf)
Downtown Plan Newsletter #3 (pdf)
Downtown Plan Newsletter #2 (pdf)
Downtown Plan Newsletter #1 (pdf)