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Public Engagement Goals

Like most successful planning initiatives, communicating with and engaging the public is pivotal to creating a plan that is widely supported. To that end, this effort will include a flexible public engagement plan that will strive to:

  1. Include a variety of input opportunities for every audience group at every stage of the process.
  2. Provide opportunities for people to participate “a little” or “a lot” in the process, while assuring that one or a few individuals or interest groups do not dominate the process.
  3. Recognize that ongoing public involvement is essential to create an innovative and implementable plan.
  4. Use the Comprehensive Plan and Downtown Advisory Report (pdf 2.58 MB) as the basis for moving forward.
  5. Engage downtown organizations to increase public input opportunities and leverage City resources.
  6. Provide opportunities for visitors, students, and non-downtown residents (including residents of adjoining communities) to provide their perspectives on downtown.


Public Engagement Activities

A preliminary list of public engagement activities is proposed that will foster public participation and communication throughout the various stages of the process. At this point, the list represents suggestions and it is likely that the timing and methods may be adjusted and revised during the process. Among the public engagement and communication tools and techniques that may be utilized are:

  1. Website
  2. Large-format public meetings
  3. Focus Groups (theme based and/or group based)
  4. Community Workshops
  5. Madison City Channel 12
  6. Storefront Project Office
  7. Area specific (geographic sector) meetings
  8. Media partnerships
  9. Neighborhood newsletters
  10. Meetings outside of downtown
  11. Surveys
  12. Newsletter updates


The planning process will rely heavily on input received at a variety of public meetings. Results of these meetings will be posted on this website as they become available.

Other Opportunities for Input

Other opportunities to provide input will be available throughout the process. Specific information on these opportunities will be posted on this page as they arise.