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Welcome to the City of Madison’s Downtown Plan Website!

What's New?

The Downtown Plan was approved by the Common Council on July 17, 2012, the final version of the plan is now available.

The Downtown Plan

In the spring of 2008, the City embarked on a process to create a plan for the future of downtown.


View of Downtown Madison
photo by Archie Nicolette

This site is devoted to providing current information on the project and process, including: upcoming meetings, results of previous meetings, background information, maps, data, and other resources. It also provides information on the multiple opportunities to become involved in this important and exciting endeavor. Please check back frequently to keep up to date with the latest status and information on upcoming meetings.


Downtown Madison will be a flourishing and visually exciting center for the arts, commerce, government and education. It will be a magnet for a diverse population working, living, visiting and enjoying an urban environment characterized by a sensitive blending of carefully preserved older structures, high-quality new construction, architectural gems and engaging public spaces-- all working together and integrated with surrounding neighborhoods, parks and the transportation system to create a unique environment for the community, County and region. (Downtown Advisory Report, July 2004)

As defined in Madison’s recently-adopted Comprehensive Plan, “Downtown” refers to the intensively developed urban core of the City, where the highest density employment, residential and other uses are located. The boundary is not precise, but a working definition of this downtown core will be the area generally bounded by Park and Regent Streets, and Proudfit and Blair Streets, recognizing that some adjacent areas share these characteristics. This definition includes that portion of the UW campus located within these boundaries.

The Downtown Plan will also consider adjacent areas of influence-- those areas that functionally and/or aesthetically are inextricably connected to the downtown core-- and develop a unifying vision of how all of these areas relate, but will focus on the Downtown Core