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Eastmorland Park
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Between 3600 - 3800 blocks of Milwaukee St and Dawes St.
There is a narrow (approx. 5 ft. foot wide) cement drainage canal that runs north/south from Richard Street into the park. The canal is supposed to feed into a larger east/west canal that runs behind the Woodman's store and then out to the drain underneath Milwaukee St.

This canal has not been clear, clean or dry for more than four years, even in the middle of of drought periods. Particularly at the north end of the canal, it stinks and is a breeding place for millions of mosquitos every year. When grass and weeds are cut, they tend to fall into the canal and the water never moves. In addition, this horrible mess is only a few feet away from a park shelter and childrens' playground equipment, with no fence or protective barrier. A small child could easily fall down the steep slope into the canal and drown. This is a disgusting mess that has been ignored by the City for years.